It is our goal here at the Bellingham/Whatcom Fire Fighters Benevolent Foundation to keep all of your donation going only to the various charitable and benevolence recipients. To achieve this we cover all of our administrative cost with dues payed to Firefighter Union L106.

We are fortunate to have the support of the community and have received sizable donations from various members of the population we serve.  Bellingham/Whatcom Fire Fighters Benevolent Foundation will gladly hear requests for assistance that meet the goals of our organization and the following criteria:  Provide relief to needy segments of society suffering from poverty, hunger, homelessness, and like calamity deserving of charity; provide relief for persons injured or made homeless by fire; assist the community served by Bellingham/Whatcom County Firefighters; conduct and support research into issues pertinent to firefighting; provide education and pertinent training regarding public safety to the general public; promote the general welfare of firefighters, their families, and the public at large.

Your money goes to various recipients including but not limited to the following pictured below.

If you would to like to make a donation to the Bellingham/Whatcom Fire Fighters Benevolent Foundation Please see the link Below.